Introducing CoronaSwap, a new fair-swap on Binance Smart Chain

The new yield farming CoronaSwap is about to open. This will be a classic swap where you can safely deposit funds and earn VirusToken.

We’re tired of rug pulls on the DEFI market, so the goal is to be fair with our new users. So this is the deal :

  • No presale
  • No premint
  • First tokens need to be farmed
  • Smart contracts are forked from Goose (reasonably safe).
  • No Timelock.

Wait ?What ? No Timelock ?! Why would we do that ? Because we will simply renounce the Ownership of the MasterChef contract at launch. In other words, after that point - even if we want - we can’t rug you. If you don’t feel comfortable with this idea, just wait the transaction proof before investing any tokens.

In addition, from what has been said above, there won’t be any updates on the smart contracts, no new pools, no new features or imaginary lottery. On the other hand, we’ll be always positive to make audits or perform some UI upgrades.

Token details:

Contact details:

Stay safu and wear a metamask

CoronaSwap Team



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